The highest quality of respiratory measurement

Plethysmography is used to measure all the thoracic gas volume (VTG) whether in communication with the airways or not. VTG provides a true assessment of absolute lung volume. All gas dilution methods (i.e. helium dilution or nitrogen washout etc.) rely on the patency of airways to allow mixing with the gas resident in the open areas of the lung. If airways are completely obstructed, mixing cannot occur beyond the obstruction and therefore the measurement may underestimate the true lung volume.

The Body Box 5500 series is a precise, elegant pulmonary function instrument that can ensure the highest quality of respiratory measurement for many years to come!









Designed for comfort and flexibility

Patients can easily exit the cabin should they feel uncomfortable and there is communication for reassurance and testing instruction. The ComPAS Freedom™ software design focuses technician attention on the patient. The tests are carried out quickly with the least inconvenience or patient concern. The cabin interior is quiet, bright and very easy to maintain for cleanliness. With our heritage of working with research centers and teaching hospitals, the Body Box 5500 series offers a wide range of testing capability. The design of both hardware and software provides flexibility in preferences of testing protocols. The craft of the valving makes such versatility possible. The plethysmograph cabin, electronics and patient valve assembly have all been carefully matched to suit tests on subjects ranging from very small children to people of considerable stature. The patient valve can be simply adjusted to ensure comfort and proper testing posture. The shutter valve is both quiet and efficient. It utilizes compressed gas to gain the efficiency and reliability of pneumatic sealing over thousands of operations.

Years of reliable testing

Too many pulmonary function instruments in today’s competitive market are designed with obsolescence in mind. Not so with any of the Morgan Scientific or MediSoft products! It is not unusual for our systems to operate for 15 years and there are countless examples of even greater longevity. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining the magnificently engineered Body Box is far less than other manufacturers. Not only is the cost of service negligible, but the costs of testing supplies are also far less than alternative systems. For DLCO studies, only a single cylinder of diffusion gas is required.

Excellence in single breath diffusion testing comes from years of experience

The Body Box 5510 model provides classic DLCO measurement in a pressure-less breathing circuit thus avoiding errors caused by demand valves. Before each individual test, the circuit is checked for a vacuum and all bag filling and sampling is automated. The low deadspace circuit design and precision gas analysis results in high reproducibility of DLCO results.

Scientific gas conditioning and measurement

A quick-release absorber ensures full fidelity gas analysis by removing the interference of water vapor and carbon dioxide in exhaled samples. This allows for measurement of TLC by nitrogen recovery for subjects unwilling to sit in the closed cabin.

Testing is as easy as 1,2,3…

ComPAS Freedom™ software matches the excellence of the Body Box hardware. For many customers, it is the extension of our program first introduced in 1980. Throughout the evolution of Morgan Scientific software, each new edition, sometimes even crossing operating systems, has provided full conversion of patient data.

ComPAS Freedom™ guides each test maneuver with clear, helpful screens. From the morning’s calibration to complete testing, the software guides, instructs and assists in assurance of high quality testing. Using ComPAS Freedom™ gives any operator a wise, helpful colleague sitting by their side!

The foundation of all testing is ComPAS Freedom™-SQL®, the network-enabled edition of our ground breaking pulmonary analysis software. Backed by the power of Microsoft’s SQL Server®, ComPAS Freedom™-SQL® will propel your laboratory into the information age. With ComPAS Freedom™-SQL® on your network, technicians can test patients at multiple stations within your lab or even throughout the hospital. Test results are immediately available using any computer equipped with the ComPAS Freedom™-SQL® software.

ComPAS Freedom™-SQL®, while powerful out of the box, can be easily customized to suite the unique needs of office locations or small and large hospitals. Need to automatically send test results to your hospital’s mainframe? Need detailed records transmitted to the patient billing department? With the versatility and power of ComPAS Freedom™-SQL® anything is possible.

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