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Pulmonary Function Test Filters

PFT bacterial filters meet or exceed the highest standards in PFT filtering with minimal resistance and low dead space. The wide selection of ports enable the professional to accurately obtain quality spirometry and lung function tests.


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PFT Filter With Rubber Mouthpiece

PFT Bacterial Filter

The PFT bacterial filter uses a medium with high quality electrostatic properties that traps bacteria and viruses, preventing contamination to both the patient and to the Pulmonary Function Testing equipment. PFT Filter, Nose Clip, Mouthpiece

Pulmonary Function Filters Provide variety, ease-of-use, and affordability.

  • Low Resistance for accurate spirometry and Lung Function testing
  • Minimal Dead Space as needed for Lung Volume and DLCO testing
  • Excellent filtration of bacteria and viruses
  • 8 standard port sizes tailored to fit a wide selection of equipment
  • Single Patient Use of filter and filter kit saves time and cost of sterilization
  • Pulmonary function testing Nose Clips and Latex Free mouthpieces are available as individual units or in Filter Kits
  • PFT Filters exceed ATS guidelines for all criteria

PFT Filter Ordering Information

* 2 Step Port Side, Stepped up to 34.8 for Collins Equipment

Filter with Rubber Mouthpiece

5553548 (compatible with KOKO)

5554548 (Viasys, Morgan with adaptor)

5556548 (compatible with NSpire)

5557548 (Morgan without adaptor)

5558548 (Jaeger)

5559548 (Med Graphics)

Quantity – 50/Box

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PFT Filter

5553100 (compatible with KOKO)

5554100 ( Viasys, Morgan with adaptor)

5556100 (compatible with NSpire)

5557100 (Morgan without adaptor)

5558100 (Jaeger)

5559100 (Med Graphics)

Quantity – 100/Box

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Filter with Rubber Mouthpiece and Nose Clip

5553595 (compatible with KOKO)

5554595 (Viasys, Morgan with adaptor)

5556595 (compatible with NSpire)

5557595 (Morgan without adaptor)

5558595 (Jaeger)

5559595 (Med Graphics)

Quantity – 50/Box

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Filter Specifications

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency:  99.99%
Viral Filtration Efficiency:  99.99%
Dead Space Approx.  35ml (cc)
Resistance:  0.23 cm H2O/L/sec approx.
Material:  K resin case Electrostat® fitrate medium

PFT Diagnostics offers complete PFT service and repair and carries a full line of PFT Filters and PFT Bacterial Filters to fit several lines of PFT equipment, pulmonary equipment, pulmonary function equipment, pulmonary function testing equipment such as Morgan Scientfic, Collins, InCheck™, InCheck DIAL™, Multispiro™, CreativeBiomedics, Vitalograph, Schiller, MicroDirect, SDI (Pulmogard II™), Most CosMed Models, MIR (All Models), P.K. Morgan 232, Future Med (Spirobank), PB-400, PB-600, CDX Spiro 850, Spirometrics (Flowmate, Flowmate+,SMI I, Vacumed (Micro, Micro Plus, Micro GP-GL, Micro Loop, Pony), Koko, KoKo Legend, Keystone, Koko-Trek, CyberMedic Full Gas Systems, Collins 4G and 3G Full Gas Systems. SensorMedics/Viasys/Care Fusion, 2200,2400, 2450, 2800, others, Including Vmax, Keystone I & II, Pail, Cybermedics Moose, Gould 5004, Jaeger, MEDGRAPHICS, Med Graphics.

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