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As a PFT lab, choosing the right maintenance and repair technician for your equipment is vital to the smooth operation of your PFT equipment. PFT Diagnostics is here to provide the timely, professional service you need.

Our Company

PFT Diagnostics specializes in the maintenance and repair of NSpire equipment, Collins Medical and Ferraris Respiratory range of PFT products. 


All filters meet or exceed the highest standards in PFT filtering with minimal resistance and low dead space.


PFT Diagnostics has over 25 years of combined experience and offers the highest level of service and repair.

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We offer more expertise, more service, and more support. When you purchase Pulmonary Function Testing Equipment from PFT Diagnostics, you get a better value for your investment. We provide free consultation on all lines of our equipment to help you make the best decision. And when you purchase from us, you also get Two Full Years of Warranty, Unlimited FREE Phone Support, Over 25 Years of Combined Experience.

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Same-day Shipping

We offer same-day shipping and offer a full money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied for any reason.

Unlimited FREE Phone Support

For your pulmonary function equipment provided at no charge

Over 25 Years of Experience

Specializing in pulmonary equipment and spirometry equipment, and providing PFT service on PFT equipment, PFT filters and related PFT machines

Preventative Maintenance

If you are looking for service on your NSpire system we can provide that for you. No need to replace it as we do have parts and consumables to keep all of these systems running for years to come. If you are looking to replace your PFT system we are an authorized distributor for Morgan Scientific PFT systems. We would be happy to send you a quote for service on your current system or to replace your system. 

Our Services


Preventative Maintenance

Complete software calibration and biological testing to insure system integrity.


Operator Training

One full day of training covering routine maintenance procedures, calibration, testing and general software questions.


Emergency Equipment Repairs

Filters / Products

Pulmonary Function Test Filters

PFT bacterial filters meet or exceed the highest standards in PFT filtering with minimal resistance and low dead space. Our unique Port Color Variety (PCV) reduces fumbling and contamination risk with filter mounting, providing easy administration with equipment. The wide selection of ports enable the professional to accurately obtain quality spirometry and lung function tests.


Pulmonary Function Filters Provide variety, ease-of-use and affordability.

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