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Morgan Body Box
The culmination of PFT expertise
SpiroAir is the culmination of manufacturing and pulmonary function expertise that really has no equal. The vast experience behind the design of this remarkable instrument should not be taken for granted. The stable of engineers and clinical experts behind this design can show a history of superb clinical achievements. Each facet of scientific measurement has been scrutinized to ensure adherence to verifiable standards. SpiroAir is an instrument that respects and utilizes the science behind each measurement.
Simply the most accurate Spirometry available!
The 12 liter rolling seal spirometer follows in the tradition of the world renowned standards created by Philip Morgan in the 1960's. Low friction technology and insightful mechanical construction have combined to provide a system with superior high frequency characteristics and very low resistance. Top quality pneumotachograph heads present a resistance of typically 10mm water for 10 liters/second. At 10 liters per second 'SpiroAir' has a resistance of less than 5mm of water back pressure. Measurements of spirometry are too frequently underestimated due to flow sensor limitations. There are no flow limits in either the SpiroAir rolling seal spirometer or ComPAS Freedom™ software. In clinical measurement there simply is no equal! For further details please ask for our report showing comparison to the ATS 24 Loop standards. For customers wanting to bypass the patient valve and breathe directly on the spirometer, an accessory kit is provided.
The SpiroAir & ComPAS Freedom™ - Make Everything Easier
Too many pulmonary function instruments in today's competitive market are designed with obsolescence in mind. Not so with any of the Morgan Scientific or MediSoft products! It is not unusual for our systems to operate for 15 years and there are countless examples of even greater longevity. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining the magnificently engineered Body Box is far less than other manufacturers. Not only is the cost of service negligible, but the costs of testing supplies are also far less than alternative systems. For DLCO studies, only a single cylinder of diffusion gas is required.
12 Liter Rolling-seal Spirometer - SpiroAir Fully Digital Positive Displacement PFT System
The 12 liter rolling-seal spirometer is the standard by which all other volume measurement devices are compared. There is no doubt that in pulmonary measurement, all flow-based devices have their boundaries of accuracy; a problem not limiting the SpiroAir! The horizontally mounted spirometer has superb digital discrimination and has the lowest resistance of any competitive device.
SpiroAir features:
  • Gold standard volume measurement - 12 liter rolling seal spirometer
  • Automatic self-centering spirometer
  • Helium dilution lung volumes with automatic filling and O2 compensation
  • Proven pressureless DLCO circuit (no demand valves employed)
  • Precise gas analysis and gas conditioning
  • Respiratory pressure measurement (MIP/MEP)
  • Fully pneumatic patient valve (no balloon valves employed)


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SpiroAir and ComPAS Freedom™

The ComPAS Freedom™ Task Manager was created around the needs and requirements of one of America's most prestigious teaching hospitals. The versatility of the design makes the Task Manager equally suitable in high volume teaching centers or smaller pulmonary practices.

When tests are completed in the pulmonary lab, results can be routed to any network-connected station for physician interpretation. In cases where multiple physicians will interpret results, the Task Manger automatically sends the appropriate patient results to each physician.

Internal "Task Notes" can be attached to patient results and sent to colleagues. Tests can be routed to pulmonary fellows for

SpiroAir ComPAS

preliminary review and then on to faculty staff for final interpretation. If reports need to be printed and sent to referring physicians, completed tests along with the interpretation can be forwarded to the department secretary for printing. In smaller centers, test results can be sent from the pulmonary lab directly to the attending physician. At his or her desk, the interpreting physician can log into the Task Manager and review a variety of customizable report formats and engage a personal template of interpretation text. The computer impression is available for referral as the interpretation is being considered.

ComPAS Freedom™ has a multitude of beautifully organized and graphical report formats. At Morgan Scientific, we pride ourselves in after sales customer support. The ComPAS Freedom™ license gives you access to experts in pulmonary measurement and report design. We will be pleased to customize a report around your particular preferences.

The Task Manager simply requires connectivity to the SQL database server. Further data distribution to hospital-wide information systems usually requires a specialized interface. Please contact us for further details.


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