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As a PFT lab, choosing the right maintenance and repair technician for your equipment is vital to the smooth operation of your PFT equipment. PFT Diagnostics is here to provide the timely, professional service you need. PFT Diagnostics specializes in the maintenance and repair of Collins Medical /Ferraris Respiratory/NSpire as well as Morgan Scientific range of PFT products. PFT Diagnostics has over 20 years of combined experience and offers the highest level of service and repair and brings it all to you at a cost less than you would expect.

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  All filters meet or exceed the highest standards in PFT filtering with minimal resistance and low dead space. Our unique Port Color Variety (PCV) reduces fumbling and contamination risk with filter mounting, providing easy administration with equipment. The wide selection of ports enable the professional to accurately obtain quality spirometry and lung function tests.
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  We offer extended hours as well as weekend service to ensure that your lab is functional and able to test your patients as needed. No more cancelling patients because telephone tech support was unable to resolve your problem or because a tech can't get to you for the next few days!


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