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ComPAS Freedom - Excellence in Pulmonary Function Testing SoftwareComPAS Freedom™ is based on a classic two-tier client/server topology, connecting the client workstations to a Microsoft SQL Server, which can seamlessly share data with tens or even hundreds of users simultaneously - depending on the size of your organization. Low communications overhead means that ComPAS Freedom™ can even be used to test patients at satellite labs through a wide-area network (WAN) or using a virtual private network (VPN).

ComPAS Freedom™ is Citrix compatible.  Citrix invisibly connects users over secure internet connections to remote computers, thus providing "Freedom" to communicate and work from any licensed location.

ComPAS Freedom™ uses Health Level Seven (HL7) clinical and administrative software standards to provide for the exchange, management and integration of pulmonary function and patient biographical data. ComPAS Freedom™ supports clinical patient care and the management, delivery and evaluation of healthcare services.

ComPAS Freedom™ offers a variety of interfacing solutions for exchange with:
  • Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
  • Picture Archiving Systems (PACS)
  • Electronic Medical Records Systems (EMR)
Utilize the power of the ComPAS Freedom™ Task Manager™

Secure, HIPAA-compliant patient information sharing provides users the most efficient, versatile and convenient suite of pulmonary applications ever made available. Access and view data, interpret results and send electronic messages to colleagues from any PC.

Designed with careful consideration by and for pulmonary specialists, ComPAS Freedom™ is the best choice for any installation: from large network-connected medical centers, to small independent practices.


Spectacular Reports

Since the conception of ComPAS Freedom™, elegant and versatile reporting has been a priority. For interested users, a highly powerful report builder is available to allow for unlimited presentation and design. In most cases, report designs are completed by your Morgan engineer as a service provided through the ComPAS Freedom™ license. A brilliant library of report presentations come standard with ComPAS Freedom™, but your own 'dream' layout is both welcomed and easily accommodated.


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ComPAS Freedom offers a full range of reports for your Pulmonary Function Testing Equipment


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